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For more than three decades, the Christian Embassy has been a bridge between leaders in Ottawa, across Canada and from around the world. Special initiatives such as luncheons, roundtables, individual meetings and visits with ambassadors to diverse businesses across Canada give leaders the opportunity to see how the values of Jesus bring light to professional, personal and spiritual facets of life.

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"The Christian Embassy's work to provide friendship, support and spiritual encouragement to members of Parliament, senators and members of the diplomatic corps is a significant contribution to the well-being of these national and international leaders."

Cabinet Minister

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A network of volunteers across the country contribute to the mission and vision of the Christian Embassy.

Diverse skills and life experiences

Our volunteers represent diverse skills and life experiences. Some are developing experience for their future careers, while others are living generously in their retirement.

Thinking about volunteering?

All you need is a willingness to help people, a little time to share and a desire to challenge yourself. With God’s enabling, your gift of time and energy can make an eternal difference in the life of a leader.

Events and Opportunities

Leadership Race Analysis

Leadership Race Analysis

August 26, 14h00-15h00 EDT

Her Majesty’s Loyal Official Opposition decides, the Conservative Party of Canada chooses a new Leader! In this zoom meeting Mike Donison, political analyst, will summarize the Conservative Party’s leadership race and provide an analysis of the outcome. He will also speak about how his faith shapes his professional perspectives.

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Webinar: Featuring Michael Ramsden

Webinar: Featuring Michael Ramsden

June 11 10h00-11h00 EDT

“Charting a Course in a Post-COVID World – Truth and Trust in Work and Life” with Michael Ramsden

While it feels that life has been put on hold around the world, our world seems to be changing faster than we could have imagined only months ago. Leadership at times like this is challenging, and is needed as never before. The questions as to who we can trust and what is trustworthy resurface with a new edge to them.

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"The Christian Embassy provides me and other MPs with a needed personal focus and an outlet to serve. Their team helps me make connections with ambassadors as part of my government service. They also offer opportunities for me to grow in my relationship with God as I reach out to encourage leaders in Ottawa and overseas. I doubt the Christian Embassy is aware of the full extent of their positive impact."

Member of Parliament

"I think every ambassador and high commissioner should connect with the Christian Embassy. I have found their team to be very helpful to my work as an ambassador for networking, because of the many people they know. With their help, I also better understand the Bible."

Ambassador to Canada

"We look forward to serving you! We invite you to join in our initiatives and see the values of Jesus bring light to the professional, personal and spiritual facets of life. Interactions with leaders from Canada and around the globe will also sharpen you as a leader."

Darlene McLean

Executive Director, Christian Embassy of Canada

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Our partners, donors and volunteers work very hard to help as many leaders as possible discover how Jesus is relevant in their professional, personal and spiritual lives. Would you like to help?

The Blessing – Canada

The Blessing – Canada

The Canadian Blessing: As the world has come together in a time of crisis, the church has united in prayer and worship to bless communities around the world in the Name of Jesus. With one voice, this is our prayer over Canada.

The UK Blessing

The UK Blessing

Over 65 churches and movements from the United Kingdom came together during the COVID-19 pandemic. The desire is that this song will fill you with hope and encourage you.