November 8-11, 2016

Each year, the Christian Embassy offers several three to four day business tours to different provinces for two to three ambassadors and high commissioners at a time. These tours provide valuable opportunities for ambassadors to present their countries, expanding their network of Canadian contacts and promoting business and economic opportunities in their nations, as well as to discover Canadian innovations, culture and hospitality. In each city, a committee of interested business leaders arranges visits to local businesses, educational establishments and often with city and other government officials. Ambassadors receive first-hand exposure to some of the latest innovations Canada is using in the agriculture, energy, high-tech, education, natural resources and manufacturing sectors. As part of the tour, the organizing committee may sponsor a breakfast, lunch, or dinner where ambassadors have the opportunity to make a brief presentation about economic opportunities in their country. Ambassadors are also offered the opportunity to experience Canadian hospitality first hand by staying in the homes of Canadian business executives and other leaders. Read more