Tuesday, November 24 18h30 – 21h00

“Inspiration” with keynote speaker, Mr. Peter Chung

Event Descriptor: Christmas Dinner

Peter Chung

Chairman and CEO of Primacorp Ventures Inc. 

A true visionary, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and diplomat, Dr. Peter Chung has built a diverse portfolio with businesses in education, real estate, healthcare and social enterprise.

With a Honourary Doctorate in Education from Belhaven University and a Honourary Doctorate of Human Letters (for his contributions to human welfare and humanitarian work), Dr. Chung and his wife are devoted to supporting charitable organizations and causes that are dear to them and their family.

In 2006, Dr. Chung was appointed as Honourary Consul of Paraguay to represent all Paraguayan diplomatic and governmental interests in Vancouver, Canada. Similarly, in 2017, Dr. Chung was appointed as Honourary Consul of Myanmar to represent Myanmar’s diplomatic affairs in Vancouver.

Wow! That was one of the best evening I’ve been to. Everything was super excellent. Thumbs up!

Business Leader-2019 Christmas Dinner

Thank you for an inspiring evening and a very tasty dinner. I especially enjoyed the guest speaker’s talk. It was the first time I participated in an event like this and I loved it.

Diplomat- 2019 Christmas Dinner