Opportunities for Business Leaders and Professionals

Our vision is to see leaders living and leading wholeheartedly for Jesus. The Christian Embassy team endeavours to offer meaningful services that will help inspire you to follow the Greatest Leader of all with all your heart and strength. In doing so, you will be Christ’s ambassador to those you lead and serve. There is no greater faith adventure!

We offer several initiatives that will give you the opportunity to network and connect with diplomats and parliamentarians, as well as with other business leaders and professionals. As you trust Jesus to lead you in your conversations, you may have incredible opportunity to both share your own faith journey and to be inspired by the stories of others.

Not only was the speaker's message very pertinent, it also reflected the pervasive feeling of generosity and openness across these countless tables at which your multinational guests were seated. No barriers, it seemed, of any kind, between so many peoples and faiths, all thanks to your huge ecumenical efforts.
Business leader

Fantastic encounter. I am so grateful. I asked if the spirit of Christianity is in business and then I found you.
Business Leader

"It was such a wonderful experience! To be able to share values, ideas, mission, faith and business with such influential people was so humbling...Very thankful for the opportunity."

Business leader who hosted ambassadors

Initiatives for Business Leaders and Professionals

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Events for Business Leaders and Professionals

“Cargill: Built on Strong Foundation” with Greg Page

“Cargill: Built on Strong Foundation” with Greg Page

May 6, 2015

Greg Page shared the story of the development of Cargill: from the company’s first grain storage facility in 1865 to one of the largest, privately-owned businesses providing food, agricultural, risk management, financial and industrial products and services around the globe. Cargill employs 152,000 people in 67 nations.

He also shared seven principles that serve as the strong foundation of Cargill and in his own life. When faced with the challenge of making important decisions that affect so many, he relies on that tools that God has provided: patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control and the guidance from people of faith.

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“Crossing Cultures in a Global Community: Thriving in Cultural Mobility” with Glenn Taylor and Maria Rosa Eguez

“Crossing Cultures in a Global Community: Thriving in Cultural Mobility” with Glenn Taylor and Maria Rosa Eguez

September 22, 2014

Glenn C. Taylor and Maria Rosa Eguez shared their cross-cultural learnings and experiences with diplomats and business leaders representing various nations. This insightful and interactive seminar provided an opportunity to gain understanding, not only of the transition process, but also of how to thrive in the midst of it.

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“Taking Risk on Purpose” with Mr. Garth Jestley

“Taking Risk on Purpose” with Mr. Garth Jestley

May 28, 2014

Garth Jestley, as Executive Director of LeaderImpact, is responsible for all operations in Canada and internationally. He has over 40 years experience in the financial services sector including senior roles in investment management, venture capital, corporate banking, international project financing, private debt placement and investment banking. Garth encouraged leaders that assuming “risk on purpose” adds zest to life and fulfillment in any endeavour, and quoted Stephen Covey, “The greatest risk is the risk of riskless living.”

Though Garth learned many lessons throughout his financial career, he focused on one aspect of financial risk taking, namely the assessment of investment risk in individual business enterprises. He broke this down into four areas and illustrated them through his own experience:
– Management risk
– Forecast risk
– Problems related to insufficient cash
– The self control challenge

Garth then related these lessons learned to his faith, “I believe that my decision to follow Christ was the best risk I ever took on purpose. It was a risk in the sense that I was relinquishing control over my life to God rather than remaining the master of my fate. However, I firmly believe that the benefits of trusting God in terms of finding peace, purpose and security about my future far outweigh the risk. In any event, I strongly believe that the much greater risk is to live one’s life without reference to God.”

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