Opportunities for Parliamentarians

Few outside parliament fully appreciate the demands and busy schedule of a member of parliament or senator. The Christian Embassy team values your time and endeavours to offer meaningful and helpful services.

"The Christian Embassy provides me and other MPs with a needed personal focus and an outlet to serve. Their team helps me make connections with ambassadors as part of my government service. They also offer opportunities for me to grow in my relationship with God as I reach out to encourage leaders in Ottawa and overseas. I doubt the Christian Embassy is aware of the full extent of their positive impact."

Member of Parliament

“Your work to provide friendship, support and spiritual encouragement to members of parliament, senators and members of the diplomatic corps is a significant contribution to the well-being of these national and international leaders.”

Cabinet Minister

Initiatives for Parliamentarians

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Events for Parliamentarians

Facing Global Health Challenges – Pursuing your Passions without Losing your Family

February 15, 2017

Dr. Jonathan (Jono) Quick, who served for eight years with the World Health Organization (WHO) as Director of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy, and his wife Tina, formerly a health officer for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, addressed an audience of almost 100 heads of mission, diplomats, parliamentarians and business people. Their presentation was a study in contrasts between a workaholic doctor and a wife raising three children alone – and the turning point which brought their family from the brink of disaster to wholeness and reconciliation.

Jono said that we all need a passion – a sense of purpose – for our lives, but that no passion, job or pursuit is worth losing one’s family for. In his journey of faith where Jono grew in his relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, he learned that, when God and family become one’s primary passion, other priorities fall into place.

When the Quicks were asked what their primary recommendation is for families that are threatened by a busy lifestyle, Tina replied that, the most stabilizing activity for families is to eat one meal together each day, even if it requires some members to skype in.

Together, they now enjoy wholeness and fulfilment in their faith, marriage and relationships with their children. Says Tina, “It’s never too late, and things are never too bad, to mend a strained or broken relationship – if everyone is willing.”

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MP Lunch: Leading and Living for a Lasting Legacy with David MacLean

MP Lunch: Leading and Living for a Lasting Legacy with David MacLean

November 30, 2016 from 12h00 to 13h30

David MacLean is a Best Practice Chair for The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada, equipping CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives to lead well. In this interactive, informal leadership session, David will help participants discover the true essence of great leadership.

Prior to TEC, David served as a sports marketing specialist in the National Hockey League, working with the Winnipeg Jets. He then established MacLean Group Marketing, an award-winning marketing agency; and MacLean Sports Marketing, which served the promotional needs of professional sports teams across North America.

David is recognized for outstanding creativity and innovation in the art of leading leaders. A TEDx speaker, he writes and speaks on Wholehearted Leadership.

On Tuesday November 29, David will also be speaking at our Christmas Dinner on The HEART – A Leader’s Most Valuable Asset.

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33rd Christmas Dinner: The HEART – A Leader’s Most Valuable Asset, with David MacLean

33rd Christmas Dinner: The HEART – A Leader’s Most Valuable Asset, with David MacLean

November 29, 2016

We welcomed almost 200 diplomats, parliamentarians and business leaders to our 33rd Christmas Dinner. David MacLean, Chair for The Executive Committee Canada, gave the keynote address: The HEART – A Leader’s Most Valuable Asset. He identified the fundamental qualities of an effective leader using the acronym HEART:
– Humility
– Empathy
– Authenticity
– Risk
– Tenacity

David went on to say that with the birth of God’s Son on earth, God offers to all people the greatest free trade opportunity in history. Jesus’ birth opened up the exchange of:
– a hard heart for a heart of flesh
– a broken heart for a healed heart
– a proud heart for a humble heart
– an angry heart for a kind heart
– a passive heart for a passionate heart
– a weak heart for a strong heart

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“Our Faithful God” with Jonathan Aitken

“Our Faithful God” with Jonathan Aitken

May 19, 2016

The National Prayer Breakfast is an annual event held in Ottawa under the authority of the speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons and is organized by a group of volunteers. This year’s breakfast featured an address by former British Cabinet Minister Jonathan Aitken. The theme of this year’s event was “Our Faithful God.”

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“Living With Our Deepest Differences” with Dr. Os Guinness and Mr. Abdu Murray

“Living With Our Deepest Differences” with Dr. Os Guinness and Mr. Abdu Murray

May 3, 2016

In a world ravaged by conflict, there is a real threat to human dignity. While some face persecution and sectarian violence, others question whether religion has any place in public life. Dr. Os Guinness and Dr. Abdu Murray insightfully address the question “How do we live with our deepest differences?”

Os Guinness proposes that the way forward in the making of a world that is safe for diversity is through the Civil Public Square, where freedom of religion and belief are promoted for people of all faiths and of none. Every nation must have a core of protected, guaranteed rights and at their heart, religious freedom based on freedom of conscience and thought. He adds that freedom of conscience does not equal freedom of choice. There will never be peace and harmony in our diversity unless this foundational right is protected.

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“Being an Ambassador from a Christian Perspective in Work, in Politics, in Life” with Rob Wildeboer

“Being an Ambassador from a Christian Perspective in Work, in Politics, in Life” with Rob Wildeboer

December 1, 2015

Rob Wildeboer, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Martinrea International Inc., a global auto parts supplier, spoke on the importance of being an ambassador in every aspect of his leadership and his life. He specifically outlined ten guiding principles that have helped propel Martinrea International Inc. to its success and elaborated on one: the Golden Rule–show dignity and respect.

“The key to our success as leaders, to my success as a leader, is whether our company is taking care of our people and their future…I am an ambassador for what we do, to our people, to our customers, to our stakeholders and to the governments of the places in which we do business.”

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“Cargill: Built on Strong Foundation” with Greg Page

“Cargill: Built on Strong Foundation” with Greg Page

May 6, 2015

Greg Page shared the story of the development of Cargill: from the company’s first grain storage facility in 1865 to one of the largest, privately-owned businesses providing food, agricultural, risk management, financial and industrial products and services around the globe. Cargill employs 152,000 people in 67 nations.

He also shared seven principles that serve as the strong foundation of Cargill and in his own life. When faced with the challenge of making important decisions that affect so many, he relies on that tools that God has provided: patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control and the guidance from people of faith.

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“Taking Risk on Purpose” with Mr. Garth Jestley

“Taking Risk on Purpose” with Mr. Garth Jestley

May 28, 2014

Garth Jestley, as Executive Director of LeaderImpact, is responsible for all operations in Canada and internationally. He has over 40 years experience in the financial services sector including senior roles in investment management, venture capital, corporate banking, international project financing, private debt placement and investment banking. Garth encouraged leaders that assuming “risk on purpose” adds zest to life and fulfillment in any endeavour, and quoted Stephen Covey, “The greatest risk is the risk of riskless living.”

Though Garth learned many lessons throughout his financial career, he focused on one aspect of financial risk taking, namely the assessment of investment risk in individual business enterprises. He broke this down into four areas and illustrated them through his own experience:
– Management risk
– Forecast risk
– Problems related to insufficient cash
– The self control challenge

Garth then related these lessons learned to his faith, “I believe that my decision to follow Christ was the best risk I ever took on purpose. It was a risk in the sense that I was relinquishing control over my life to God rather than remaining the master of my fate. However, I firmly believe that the benefits of trusting God in terms of finding peace, purpose and security about my future far outweigh the risk. In any event, I strongly believe that the much greater risk is to live one’s life without reference to God.”

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