Ambassador dinner

Hosting an Ambassador for Dinner

Diplomats have many rich experiences during their time in Canada, but one of the rare, valued experiences is to enjoy a dinner in the homes of Canadians. The Christian Embassy helps to connect leaders around such dinners, bringing together business leaders, one or two ambassadors or high commissioners often with their families and representatives of the Christian Embassy. Sharing a meal allows for good opportunities to gain new insights in a relaxed setting. If you are a business leader interested in hosting such a dinner in your home, please contact us.

Hosting an Ambassador Business Tour

Are you a company President or CEO in Canada who has seen the life changing power of Jesus Christ in your family or business? Would you like to help ambassadors in Canada to learn about your business? Contact us if you would like to be connected with a local committee organizing a future Ambassador Business Tour in your city.
Ambassador Business Tour

Volunteering with Us

Our Ottawa-based team is looking for men and women who are willing to invest 4-12 hours per week in the following areas: Contact us if you would like to volunteer with our team.

Support to the Christian Embassy of Canada

The Christian Embassy’s programs and services are made possible through the generous support of individuals, businesses and organisations. All contributions are income tax deductible. You may give securely by the button below. If you prefer to give by cheque, please make it payable to the Christian Embassy of Canada and mail it to us at: Christian Embassy of Canada 85 Albert St. #1620 Ottawa, ON K1P 6A4 Thank you for your interest in the work of the Christian Embassy.