Arrow Leadership

Arrow Leadership

For nearly 30 years, Arrow Leadership has been developing Jesus-centered leaders for greater Kingdom impact. They help leaders and organizations lead differently through transformational programs, personal mentoring, organizational consulting and exceptional resources. Discover how you can grow in Jesus-centered leadership to be led more by Jesus, to lead more like Jesus and to lead more to Jesus.

Jesus-Centered Leadership

Arrow Leadership‘s focus is Jesus. He led differently and we believe he’s the leader of leaders. The conviction is that we have lots to learn from Jesus and he can transform leaders to lead differently. That’s the heart of Jesus-centered leadership.

As a Jesus-centered leader you will:

be led more by Jesus

Experiencing freedom, peace and security from a grounded identity and vibrant relationship with Jesus.

lead more like Jesus

As a servant leader, with deeper character, greater confidence and enhanced competence.

lead more to Jesus

Equipped and empowered to share God’s love clearly, creatively and compassionately.