Athletes in Action Canada

Faith. Life. Sport.


Sport has the power to unite cultures, transcend values and defy conventions. When words fail, a game can speak.

A not-for-profit Christian sports ministry dedicated to developing the total athlete. 

 They encourages athletes to think critically about their identity and place within the world of sport. Through the integration of faith, life and sport, they believe each person can experience a victory beyond competition.

Impacting local, national and international sporting communities.

Athletes in Action (AIA) can be found running beginner to high performance development camps, journeying with varsity athletes on campus, as well as assisting foreign organizations through international sport and aid tours.

AIA also provides chaplaincy to professional athletes and teams throughout the CFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, NASL and NLL, as well as to athletes competing at the highest levels in their sport, including world championships and the Olympic Games.

Athletes in Action Initiatives

There are a variety of opportunities to team up with Athletes in Action. Find out how you can get involved and make an impact with the sport you love by checking out our sport specific initiatives and athletic programs.

Athletes in Action camps provide the structure and environment for youth to thrive. From five-year-olds learning to kick a soccer ball for the first time, to varsity athletes discovering how to integrate their faith and passion for sport.