Celebrating 40 Years of the Christian Embassy of Canada


0:00 Christian Embassy of Canada

0:10 Barry Bowater, founder of the Christian Embassy of Canada

There was a new election in September of 1984. A lot of Christian Members of Parliament were elected, which allowed us to form a base of volunteers on the Hill that would help us to start the Christian Embassy.

0:26 Darlene McLean, Executive Director of the Christian Embassy of Canada

We talk about inspiring leaders with the person and the values of Jesus. And I believe that that is important. Why? Because leaders are probably one of the most unreached people groups in our country. And so many of them, in the flurry of their professional lives have had little opportunity to hear, or know who Jesus is and the hope that he offers. 

0:49 Helen Lunney, MP spouse and volunteer

There are so many aspects to the ministry here at Christian Embassy, that there’s a role for everyone. Through the Christian Embassy, they’re introduced to businesses across the nation and develop relationships with business leaders and find out about other resources that we have in Canada to offer them. They’re developing relationships with those nations, furthering trade, furthering opportunities.

1:16 Mark Newcombe, Federal public servant and volunteer

Well this ESL program enables us to offer English lessons to foreign diplomats, while at the same time introducing them to the person of Jesus Christ, because our curriculum is the Gospel of Luke. We are literally discussing and reading through God’s Word.

1:34 The Honourable Stockwell Day, P.C.

I’ve seen Members of Parliament, because of the fact that someone from the Christian Embassy was there to encourage them, to support them in a nonpartisan way, but just showing them the love of Christ, have literally been able to make decisions that have affected the nation in a profound way.

1:55 H.E. Sami Haddad, former Ambassador of Lebanon to Canada

All these events and variety of events are very important for these special leaders. I found it very fruitful and important. And you were providing a warm atmosphere and friendship. 

2:10 Helen Lunney, MP spouse and volunteer

It’s a pleasure to work with the staff here. And it’s just such a delight to be able to intermingle with people from other nations. It’s a very enriching experience. So I would say, come and get involved!