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Sharing GOD’S WORD in every corner of the world

Whether it’s a full Bible, the NewLife App on someone’s phone, or one of their Scripture magazines, people are reading a copy of God’s Word and discovering His free offer of salvation.

We ignite and fuel a passion in people’s hearts to share the gospel

— training and equipping them, as a community of believers, to effectively introduce people to Jesus through God’s Word.

Working in Canada and around the world


Picture three streams joining together to form a river. These powerful, inseparable streams make up everything we do. As more people like you fuel the momentum, this rushing river carries living water to the desperately thirsty.

Wondering where to begin? Make relational evangelism part of your lifestyle—starting today.

Life will flourish wherever this water flows.”
– Ezekiel 47:9

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Igniting and fuelling people’s passion to tell others about Jesus.

We ignite and fuel a passion to share the gospel authentically and relationally, to every person from every culture. Ultimately, it’s a response rooted in gratitude for how Christ changed our lives.

It’s not just about emotions, or knowledge, or doing good works—it’s all three working together. As part of a like-minded member community, you’ll be trained and equipped to introduce people to Christ.

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Using God’s Word to share the story of the Gospel.

The story of the Bible points to Jesus. As we read, the Holy Spirit reveals God’s plan to redeem us from death into new life, and impacts our lives forever.

That’s why we always evangelize using God’s Word. The explanations inside, easy-to-read translation, and beautiful images help point seekers to the gospel message.

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Working alongside local churches to train them for evangelism in their communities.

Through ongoing partnership, we’re committed to training and equipping local churches for evangelism in their communities.

Do you want to see your church have a passion for evangelism like you’ve never seen before? We can help you connect seekers with your church and see incredible growth.