Where is God in a Coronavirus World?

Professor John Lennox and Michael Ramsden

In these unprecedented times, many are searching for wisdom that can help us make sense of the situation, and in this conversation Professor Lennox focused on how Scripture guides our reactions and responses–for both Christians and skeptics alike. 
Professor Lennox felt called to write his new book Where is God in a Coronavirus World? “in order to convey some comfort, support, and hope.” With a keen ear for cultural shifts, he is clear that COVID-19 “raises questions about our vulnerability and mortality that have been ducked for a long time,” and “you cannot think of those two issues without thinking of God and eternity.”

This event corresponded with the topic of John Lennox’s latest book which was released on April 13, 2020. In Where is God in a Coronavirus World? Lennox shows us how belief in a loving and sovereign God helps to make sense of and cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Click here to learn more or pre-order a copy.