The Christian life is the Christ-centered life. It has been described as “the life of Christ, reproduced in the believer by faith through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Yet the experience of many falls substantially short of these realities. For some it is due to ignorance, while others find themselves caught in patterns of gratifying their own selfish desires. Both groups need to be led into a genuine experience of Christ through the power of His Spirit.

Satisfied? communicates foundational truths about the ministry of the Spirit in the life of a believer. Using Jesus’ invitation to all who thirst and his promise of the Spirit as the launching point, the booklet presents four key principles:

  • The Divine Gift – the gift of the Spirit to each believer
  • The Present Danger – depending upon or gratifying self
  • The Intimate Journey – walking in the Spirit
  • The Empowering Presence – the filling of the Spirit

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