March 27-29, 2020 Montebello, QC

IMPORTANT NOTICE from Family Life (COVID-19 response concerning Weekend Getaway Marriage Conferences):

Dear registered guests,

In light of the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and increased levels of concern, we have been listening closely to experts and government officials on how to proceed. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Ontario and Quebec health officials are advising the cancellation of events of 250 or more people. Although attendance at Montebello would be under this threshold, we have decided not to go ahead with the Weekend Getaway.

This decision has not been made out of fear, but rather, out of an abundance of caution. We care deeply about your health and safety and what is best for Canada as a nation. This is an opportunity for all of us to put love into action, making necessary sacrifices to protect our more vulnerable neighbours.

We are in discussions with the Fairmont Chateau Montebello about possibly rescheduling this conference to the fall, and we will let you know as soon as a decision has been reached. All registrants will maintain a full credit towards the next conference in the region, or any future Weekend Getaway anywhere in Canada. Your credit will not expire. If you prefer to have a refund, we will provide that to you in full and will waive the usual $30 cancellation fee. You will receive an email today with a form so you can indicate which option you prefer.

Please call the hotel to cancel your room booking within a week.

Fairmont Montebello Front Desk: 1-819-423-6341 (ext. 7688) or 1-800-441-1414

If you have any questions at all, please email or call 1-800-247-3180. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these trying times.

With love and concern,

FamilyLife Canada

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Get away. Just the two of you.

What’s your story? Every marriage has one.

Some of our stories are unfolding beautifully, some have more bumps and twists than we would like. The good news is, all our marriage stories are still being written. Maybe yours could use some spicing up, some help getting unstuck, or maybe you need a new plot line entirely. A Weekend Getaway, presented by FamilyLife Canada, can help you and your spouse write a great story together, God’s way. It’s just one weekend, but it can take your relationship to a whole new level. Because when two people get on the same page…the sky is the limit!
“Three weeks ago we had a conflict that nearly ended our 10 year marriage. This weekend has given us enlightenment, hope, encouragement and strength to re-focus our marriage. We will be sharing our experiences with all who may benefit from our growth.”
husband, 10 years

“I didn’t know what to expect having never attended anything like this. I have been blown away by the wisdom, authenticity and truth that has been presented. Thank you for not talking from stereotypes or making us feel guilty if we aren’t the …Christian stereotypical wife/husband. Thank you for your honesty.”
wife, 6 years

What is a Weekend Getaway?

A Weekend Getaway is a marriage conference uniquely designed to enrich your relationship.


For most couples it’s a chance to reconnect, re-establish the foundation and rekindle romance.

For others, it’s a fresh start.

For some, it will be the weekend that saves a marriage.

Wherever you’re at in your relationship, it’s a weekend to remember. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm, even fun. You’ll hear from real couples doing real life together… God’s way. You’ll be given time to process what you’re learning. And together, you’ll make a plan for a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

“It created a safe space for us to intentionally explore who we are separately and together in ways and with structure that our daily lives simply do not allow or provide.”
husband, 10 years

You can expect to:

  • spend quality time focusing on each other and your relationship
  • sharpen your relationship skills
  • develop a plan to finish together
  • learn about God’s design for marriage and the power of “oneness”

Spend a refreshing weekend in Montebello, hearing speakers sharing insights and perspectives on marriage with a group of 75 couples interspersed with time for individual couples to reflect on the presentations and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


The weekend is a blend of full group sessions and downtime for the two of you. In fact a date night is built right in. The sessions have a workshop feel, mixing great information with time and tools for you to process what you are learning. And we mean just the two of you. There is no awkward sharing with strangers.
17h00-19h00    Registration 19h00-21h00    Love That Lasts: Marriage Oneness
9h00-10h00     We Need to Talk 10h00-11h00    Couples’ Project 11h00-12h30    Oneness in Disguise 12h30-14h00    Lunch 14h00-15h30    I Do. No Clue. 15h30-15h45    Break 15h45-17h00    Great Sex Equation Date Night
9h00-9h15       How Well Do You Know Your Mate? 9h15-10h00     The Heart of Marriage 10h00-10h15   Break 10h15-11h15   Five Things Your Spouse Wants You to Know 11h15-11h45   Couples’ Project 11h45-12h30   Together for Good: Oneness Plan