Since 1989, the Christian Embassy of Canada has sponsored more than seventy-five international tours. These have introduced delegations of Canadian economic and political leaders to national leaders around the world. A delegation consists of up to three members of Parliament and two or three business leaders who want to interact with their peers from other nations.

The purpose of our delegations is to discover the priorities and concerns of the leaders they meet and to build bridges of understanding. They also seek to discuss areas of mutual concern and to explore the possibility of future cooperation. Participation in a delegation helps members of Parliament increase their understanding of international affairs and helps them network more easily with leaders overseas.

The business executives in the delegations are able to broaden their network of business and government contacts in the regions they visit. The host countries also strengthen their contacts with Canadians in business and government.

Delegation trips are typically seven to ten days long and are scheduled when Parliament is not in session. Participants pay all their own costs. Spouses are welcome.

"The Christian Embassy provides me and other MPs with a needed personal focus and an outlet to serve. Their team helps me make connections with ambassadors as part of my government service. They also offer opportunities for me to grow in my relationship with God as I reach out to encourage leaders in Ottawa and overseas. I doubt the Christian Embassy is aware of the full extent of their positive impact."

Member of Parliament

"It was such a wonderful experience! To be able to share values, ideas, mission, faith and business with such influential people was so humbling...Very thankful for the opportunity."

Business leader who hosted ambassadors