“An Anchor in a Financial Storm” with Jonathan Wellum

“An Anchor in a Financial Storm” with Jonathan Wellum

June 6, 2018

Levels of debt, wealth disparities, shifting social, ethical and moral values, nation-state challenges – the world is living with risk. How might we deal with the challenges we face?

Jonathan Wellum addresses the need to restore truth, meaning and values rooted in Christianity if we are to progress and maintain free, vibrant and healthy markets at this networking luncheon.

Roundtable: “From 2016 Populist Pivot to 2017 Policy Pivot?” with Peter Hall

Roundtable: “From 2016 Populist Pivot to 2017 Policy Pivot?” with Peter Hall

March 9, 2017 from 7h00-8h30 or 12h00-13h30

In 2016 the Brexit referendum, the United States presidential election and other European election campaigns have witnessed a swing towards what has been called a “Populist Movement.” Now in 2017 there is much speculation on how these 2016 political pivots will impact the global economy. Mr. Peter Hall, Chief Economist with Export Development Canada, will speak at this roundtable for heads of diplomatic missions and parliamentarians about his current analysis and how he personally approaches so much uncertainty.

Facing Global Health Challenges – Pursuing your Passions without Losing your Family

February 15, 2017

Dr. Jonathan (Jono) Quick, who served for eight years with the World Health Organization (WHO) as Director of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy, and his wife Tina, formerly a health officer for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, addressed an audience of almost 100 heads of mission, diplomats, parliamentarians and business people. Their presentation was a study in contrasts between a workaholic doctor and a wife raising three children alone – and the turning point which brought their family from the brink of disaster to wholeness and reconciliation.

Jono said that we all need a passion – a sense of purpose – for our lives, but that no passion, job or pursuit is worth losing one’s family for. In his journey of faith where Jono grew in his relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, he learned that, when God and family become one’s primary passion, other priorities fall into place.

When the Quicks were asked what their primary recommendation is for families that are threatened by a busy lifestyle, Tina replied that, the most stabilizing activity for families is to eat one meal together each day, even if it requires some members to skype in.

Together, they now enjoy wholeness and fulfilment in their faith, marriage and relationships with their children. Says Tina, “It’s never too late, and things are never too bad, to mend a strained or broken relationship – if everyone is willing.”

Roundtable: Transformational Generosity

Roundtable: Transformational Generosity

September 1, 2016

Bishop Hannington’s story is one of the power of faith and the strength of self-help; a story he has told in a dozen countries throughout the world.

In 2001, western Uganda was invaded by rebel forces that destroyed villages and farms, forcing over 80,000 survivors into refugee camps. As the war raged on, hope along with the moral fibre of the people faded, leaving the people asking the all too common question, “How can the people from the west help us?”

But there was one who chose to inspire through generosity and gracious giving. He inspired his people to ask a different question, “How soon can my people rise to the challenge of funding not only our immediate needs, but our futures as well?”