March 29, 2023 12h00-13h30

Roundtable for parliamentarians: “Is Economic Chaos our New Reality? Reflections on growth and hope in an unsettled world” with Mr. Peter Hall, CEO – econosphere, inc.

Is economic chaos our new reality? Gloom has descended over the global economy as inflation and sharply higher interest rates weigh on growth. Recession seems to be the 2023 watchword, with the only squabbles being around how deep and how long this one is going to be. 

More recently, economic data have sharp-eyed analysts revising forecasts upward. What are we to think about an increasingly chaotic environment? 

In this roundtable for parliamentarians, Peter Hall is happy to share his high-level thoughts on the world economic and geopolitical situation and provide his views on the issues that are of greatest concern now and in the near-term future. Expect these views to challenge the consensus and to emphasize the particular importance of our role in facilitating solid international relations and trade activity. We do hope you can join us!

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Peter Hall, CEO of econosphere inc., and former Chief Economist at Export Development Canada. I was honoured to be the keynote speaker at the Christian Embassy’s Annual Christmas dinner late last fall. And we had a wonderful time together talking about the world economy, the geopolitical situation, the absence of the themes of growth and hope in the public discourse and how faith intersects with these key topics. There were great questions following the presentation, but sadly time did not permit us to deal with all of them. 

I’m delighted that the Christian Embassy has arranged for a follow-up session just for parliamentarians. I’ll be back in Ottawa on March 29 to continue the conversation, which, after my brief summary presentation, will mostly be in the form of Q&A.

So come ready to discuss the economic and geopolitical issues that are on your mind, keeping you up at night and/or proving to be a challenge to executing on your mandate. Whether you were at the Christmas dinner or not, you are very welcome to attend. Please see the Christian Embassy website to RSVP and for details. I hope to see you there!

Peter Hall photo

Peter Hall, CEO – econosphere inc.

Peter Hall is CEO of econosphere inc., a boutique business strategy advisory firm. In this capacity he is involved in advising leading Canadian industry associations and corporations, advising and promoting international initiatives and conducting ad hoc project work. Mr. Hall is a special advisor to both Martinrea International and Elevate Export Finance, writes a weekly column in the Financial Post and is a featured speaker at conferences across Canada.

Until recently he was chief economist at Export Development Canada, heading up a large team of economists and country risk analysts that provided comprehensive forecasting for internal and external business strategy purposes, transaction risk analysis for over 160 countries, model creation, use and maintenance and data systems support. In addition to advising EDC’s executive team and board of directors, Mr. Hall personally conducted dozens of presentations annually to a wide variety of business, government and academic audiences and was continuously sought as a conference speaker at industry events in Canada, the United States and internationally.

Mr. Hall regularly speaks at conferences and corporate events and comments on the global and Canadian economies in print media, radio and television. While at EDC, he authored the widely-circulated Weekly Commentary. Prior to his work at EDC, Mr. Hall directed the economic forecasting activities of the Conference Board of Canada. He has served as the president of the Canadian Association for Business Economics, a 600+ member organization of professional economists and also its largest local chapter, the Ottawa Economics Association. He has served on the board and as an advisor to multiple Ottawa-area charities.

Mr. Hall has degrees in Economics from the University of Toronto and Carleton University.

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