February 23, 2023 12h00-13h00 EST

“Journeying with Jesus: Drawing ever nearer to Jesus so that we can help others do likewise

Mrs. Anne-Marie Montgomery

Does being an ambassador for Christ seem impossible in your role? Come reflect and hear insights on how to be a witness in a natural and relevant way. What have we learned from our own journey with God? How can we help others become curious about Jesus?

Join ambassadors, high commissioners and parliamentarians, current and former, for this fascinating, interactive webinar “Journeying with Jesus: Drawing ever nearer to Jesus so that we can help others do likewise.”

Anne-Marie Montgomery photo

Anne-Marie Montgomery

Anne-Marie Montgomery is the wife of our colleague, Robert Montgomery. Together, they have been serving the Lord for over 40 years, helping people discover Jesus and grow in faith.

Originally from Sudbury, Anne-Marie came to faith in Christ the day after her 16th birthday. The joy of knowing God personally was so great that she talked about Jesus whenever she could, with whoever would listen. 

After graduating from university, she decided to join Power to Change to work with Canadian and international students, first in Calgary, then in Québec and Montréal. Married to Robert since 1986, she has served the Lord in a variety of capacities: with churches, with a family ministry and with Christian Embassy. For the last 14 years, Anne-Marie has served with Digital Strategies, where her translation, writing and teaching skills have helped thousands of people journey closer to Jesus. 

As an online mentor coach, she helps Christians learn how to join people on their spiritual journey with love, compassion and patience. For years she has been taking theology courses. She also enjoys Nordic walking, learning new languages and spending time with her husband, as well as with her three adult daughters and their families.