October 27, 2017 7h15-9h00

Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast: Who is my Neighbour?

The Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast is one of more than 50 gatherings across Canada in which community leaders honour and pray for the mayor, city councillors, police and emergency responders. Leaders come together to celebrate under the banner “Who Is My Neighbour?” because the Scriptures suggest that we love our neighbour as ourselves.

Guest Speaker: Gerry Organ

Each year the speaker at the breakfast focuses on answering the question: “Who is My Neighbour?”

This year our speaker will be Gerry Organ and he will be answering that question through the lens of being a former football player, his work with refugees and immigrant families here in Ottawa, mentoring young men with fatherhood issues, and encouraging young entrepreneurs in their calling. Also, he is passionate about this annual prayer event!

Gerry became a Christian in 1973 while playing professional football for the Ottawa Rough Riders. Since that time, he has been fully engaged in Kingdom work both in the church and in business. His passion is to fulfill the will of God as an ambassador and servant so that others will taste and see God’s goodness and be transformed by His love.

Hail Mary

Here is a recent documentary featuring the life struggles of a young man named Paul Lukusa. Gerry Organ is his mentor. Most will recognize the term “Hail Mary” as a football term.