Direct interaction with members of Parliament

Interaction and open discussion are of great value in building relations. The roundtable luncheons organized by the Christian Embassy facilitate the interactions of six to eight diplomats with one or more senior members of Parliament. The roundtables give diplomats the opportunity to share their country’s perspective on specific areas of mutual interest with the member of Parliament and to glean helpful ideas from one another. Often those present share thoughts that have influenced their public service. Roundtable topics of the past few years have included:

  • Transportation
  • Environment
  • Natural Resources
  • Canada’s Election Process
  • Youth programs
  • Human trafficking

"The Christian Embassy provides me and other MPs with a needed personal focus and an outlet to serve. Their team helps me make connections with ambassadors as part of my government service. They also offer opportunities for me to grow in my relationship with God as I reach out to encourage leaders in Ottawa and overseas. I doubt the Christian Embassy is aware of the full extent of their positive impact."

Member of Parliament

"The Christian Embassy's work to provide friendship, support and spiritual encouragement to members of Parliament, senators and members of the diplomatic corps is a significant contribution to the well-being of these national and international leaders."

Cabinet Minister