The Trinity Forum – Cultivating and Engaging Leaders of Integrity and Vision

The Trinity Forum is a nonprofit organization that contributes to the transformation and renewal of society through the transformation and renewal of leaders. They work to cultivate and engage leaders whose integrity and vision will renew culture and promote human freedom and flourishing, ultimately helping to transform society.

The Trinity Forum provides access to classic and thoughtful writings designed to facilitate conversation and reflection around some of society’s most intriguing questions and themes. This is accomplished through unique programs and publications that offer contexts for leaders to consider together the great ideas that have shaped Western civilization and the faith that has animated its highest achievements. Stressing both core principles and practical application, Trinity Forum publications address themes including character, leadership, freedom, civil society, progress, reform, and philanthropy.

The Trinity Forum also offers interesting and engaging articles as a part of The Trinity Forum Reflections, as well as Evening Conversation videos and podcasts as they seek to connect thinking leaders with leading thinkers.

Welcome to The Trinity Forum

This is a short video highlighting the work of the Forum as they seek to connect thinking leaders with leading thinkers.