April 28, 2022

“Becoming Effective Kingdom Emissaries” with Mrs. Barbara Rudd Degenhardt, M.Ed., R.P.

This seminar by Barbara Rudd Degenhardt followed by Q&A is focused on gaining insights on becoming more effective Kingdom emissaries.

Grow in confidence and effectiveness in interacting with diplomats and dignitaries:

  • Connecting, engaging and hosting
  • Developing active listening skills 
  • Understanding cultural contexts
  • Speaking life and hope 


0:00 Introductory comments

2:13 Introduction to Christian Embassy of Canada

4:18 Barbara Rudd Degenhardt’s presentation

11:20 Knowing our identity and calling

15:05 Understanding cultural contexts

15:12 Knowing our mission field

18:45 Cultural intelligence

23:45 Learning how to approach clients

24:43 Connecting quickly

27:34 Engaging relevantly

30:26 Hosting genuinely

33:14 Developing active listening skills

33:37 Listening and attention

36:36 Understanding and empathy

39:00 Responding and compassion

40:46 Speaking life and hope

40:50 Encouragement – truth

45:06 Prayer without ceasing

46:38 Concluding thoughts and self reflection – where can I grow?


49:12 How can I bring Christ when encountering people in difficult circumstances?

50:56 How do we break through the “high walls” surrounding ambassadors and the diplomatic corps?

52:47 You mentioned that you were an introvert. In your pursuit of growth in this area, what was the greatest challenge that you faced?

54:13 With regards to children traveling with their parents to diplomatic postings, do you have any suggestions as to how to approach them and make them comfortable? How can we be salt and light to them as ambassadors of Christ?

55:58 Thanks to Barbara Rudd Degenhardt

57:42 Closing comments

Barbara Rudd Degenhardt, M.Ed., Registered Psychotherapist

With over 20 years’ experience in professional counseling, Barbara Degenhardt has been privileged to work among street-involved youth, multi-stressed inner city families, employees in workplace settings and people on diplomatic, military, international development and business postings abroad.

Growing up in India and spending eleven years overseas during her husband’s postings as a Canadian diplomat in Turkey, China and India has enhanced Barbara’s cross-cultural sensitivity and knowledge. Managing her family’s international relocations and raising two daughters abroad has afforded insight into the psychological challenges that expatriates and their families experience.

A particular interest in human emotion has led to her development of the Psuche Model of Feeling and Emotion. read more