May 17, 2023

“Canadian Agriculture: A Force for Food, A Force for Good”

Feeding the World while Saving the Planet

Mr. Ian Ross

Due to a myriad of forces and global disruptions, food insecurity has expanded in recent years and currently impacts almost 10% of the world’s population. In order to properly feed the world’s growing population, it has been said that we will need to produce more food and digestible protein in the next 40 years than has been produced in the last 10,000. This will be a significant undertaking and challenge, especially as we embrace the need to be excellent stewards of the environment and align increased production of digestible protein with lower emissions and maximized carbon sequestration. 

Canada has been endowed with extraordinary forests, arable land and, fresh water, while having a relatively small population, resulting in a massive opportunity and, dare say, moral obligation to step up and become a significant contributor to food security globally. Already one of the most sustainable producers of meat, milk and eggs globally, Canada must continue to improve its production efficiency resulting in even greater sustainability and increased, cost effective production in order to meet the growing need for food and more specifically, digestible protein around the world.

Join Mr. Ross and other diplomats, parliamentarians and business and professional leaders for this networking luncheon on Canada’s role in feeding the world, while saving the planet.


0:00 Welcome and Introductory Comments – Ms. Darlene McLean

1:25 Introduction of Ian Ross – Mr. Harold Albrecht

Canadian Agriculture: A Force for Food, a Force for Good – Mr. Ian Ross

3:00 Introduction to Grand Valley Fortifiers Group of Companies

5:05 Feed the world and/or save the planet?

9:53 What about Canada?

11:02 “Cows are the new coal?”

11:49 The Dublin Declaration: to give voice to the many scientists around the world who research diligently, honestly and successfully in the various disciplines in order to achieve a balanced view of the future of animal agriculture

13:00 Are meat, milk and eggs environmentally intense sources of digestible protein?

14:21 Are animals, who are eating my food, efficient feed converters?

16:18 Rate of increase in livestock production globally and in Canada

17:25 Reduction of food production in developed nations and resulting carbon footprint

20:36 Canada is already one of the most efficient producers of meat, milk and eggs in the world and continually aims to improve sustainability

23:28 More efficient, more profitable, more sustainable

23:49 Carbon Sequestration

26:05 Canada’s moral and biblical obligation to feed the poor and hungry in the most sustainable, cost efficient manner

26:41 What is the right thing to do?



27:48 Introduction of Don Buckingham – Ms. Darlene McLean

28:59 Introductory comments – Mr. Don Buckingham

29:54 What is the greatest single threat to world security today?

31:01 What about the whole problem with food waste and food waste as a world food issue?

32:27 Why is the information that you shared so little known in general circles? Do you feel that your knowledge is sufficiently well-presented and documented so that it can help political leaders and policymakers?

34:05 Can you give us a few more details about the costs and food safety aspects of the new food and feed additives that are being proposed for reductions of methane in agriculture?

35:47 What is the future of our trade agreements in light of new environmental potential regulation and new environmental non-tariff barriers?

36:48 What would be the responsibility of negotiating sharing agreements for technology that has been developed in western countries that would assist agriculture in developing countries with respect to objectives like improving efficiencies and new genetics?



39:30 Thanks – Ms. Darlene McLean

40:32 Final thoughts – Mr. Ian Ross

41:56 Closing comments – Ms. Darlene McLean

“Canadian Agriculture: a Force for Food, a Force for Good” Powerpoint Presentation

Ian Ross - Grand Valley Fortifiers

Mr. Ian Ross

Ian Ross is the president and CEO of the Grand Valley Fortifiers (GVF) group of companies, a national primary livestock production focused company that is privileged to work with hundreds of Canada’s farmers from coast to coast. “We empower farmers to produce meat, milk and eggs’ profitability and sustainably for the advancement of human lives, nutrition and health.”   

With a foundational focus on livestock nutrition, GVF nutritionists and livestock specialists work shoulder to shoulder with livestock producers to develop feeding regimes that maximize the health and wellness of their animals, for optimized productivity, performance and efficiency of their herd.

Within the company’s 63 year history, GVF has empowered Canada’s farmers to increase both the nutritional value and commercial value of the meat, milk and eggs they produce with significant investment in “raised without antibiotics,” organic and Omega-3 enriched feeding programs, resulting in value chain creation and governance such as the President’s Choice Free From pork program. 

A Canadian owned and operated second generation business, the GVF group of companies’ stated foundational purpose is “With gratitude for the Lord’s direction and blessing, to generously share with our staff and to give generously to the spread of the gospel for relief of the poor, sick and hungry.”

Each year a significant portion of the GVF group profitability is donated to the Ross Shire Foundation and under the directorship of Ross and his three siblings is granted to many institutions, missions agencies and humanitarian NGOs for the betterment of those less fortunate. 

Ross also serves on a number of industry and Christian charity boards including Faith’s Orphans Fund, Heritage College & Seminary, the Livestock Research and Innovation Corporation and SEEDS – Supporting Every Eve’s Daughter Safely, an anti-human trafficking organization that supports and assists in the restoration of sex-trafficked survivors. 

Ross earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Honours from Trinity Western University.

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