September 20, 2016


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Understanding My Leadership Style


The Leading the Leaders seminars are designed to develop current and next generation leaders and managers. The first seminar, held September 20, was led by Barry Bowater, a Certified Adizes Associate with Adizes Institute Worldwide, for an audience of diplomats.  Diplomats who attended the seminar commented:

“Thank you to Barry for ‘wowing’ me with his presentation. I really enjoyed it and have since asked my colleague to assess my management style. The result was most interesting.”

“Barry’s presentation was quite interesting and I learnt a lot which I intend to share with my other colleagues.”

“It was a very good seminar for our diplomatic job especially for every time we make decisions.”

“Helps you to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses in management and how to improve yourself.”

Diplomats who attended September Seminars

Presenting time-tested principles developed by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes, Barry focused on the basics of leadership, the roles of leaders versus managers and how to navigate the unavoidable presence of change in our careers and personal lives. Each person in attendance was invited to work through a short Management Style Questionnaire in order to identify what makes them “tick” as leaders. The results will help them understand how to build complementary teams and how to increase their effectiveness.

This seminar is part of a series of presentations on leadership hosted by the Christian Embassy in the coming months, making it a value-added opportunity for our guests. Our next Leading the Leaders Seminar will be offered on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 and will address two topics: “Working With People Who Are Different From You” and “Strengthening Your Leadership Style”.

Attendance of the first seminar is not a prerequisite to the second seminar. Diplomats who could not attend the first seminar may request the material in pdf and video format, as subsequent seminars will build on this material. 

Barry Bowater
Barry Bowater

Barry Bowater works in Canada and the United States to teach Adizes and guide clients to transform their organizations through these leadership principles. His specialty is not-for-profit organizations and small to mid-sized companies. Barry also utilizes Adizes in his responsibilities with the Government of Canada.

Barry was first introduced to Adizes in 1989 when he was chosen to deploy the methodology within his own organization. He and his wife Wendy founded the Christian Embassy of Canada. He also served as Chief of Staff for the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources from 1991 to 1993.

He and Wendy have four children and ten grandchildren and reside in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.