January 31, 2017


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The Leading the Leaders seminars are designed to develop current and next-generation leaders and managers. The third seminar, held January 31, was led by Barry Bowater, a Certified Adizes Associate with Adizes Institute Worldwide, for an audience of diplomats. 

Barry discussed the differences between leadership and management; and what leaders should know about themselves, about working with others and about how to strengthen their leadership style. Throughout the presentation, he referred to the core management capabilities of the four leadership styles: Producer, Administrator, Entrepreneur and Integrator. These provide handles for self-identification and tools for understanding team members. Each style brings unique contributions to a team and, together, make an efficient, well-balanced team.

He covered the importance of mutual trust and respect; faith, belief and values; and character and heart, tying them together with a quote from John Maxwell: “Who you are precedes what you do.

Barry described the behaviour changes that occur through the natural “lifecycle” that both individuals and organizations are subject to. The degree to which the PAEI styles are expressed can impact each lifecycle phase, but where leadership styles have no expression, the organization dies.

An iceberg was used as a metaphor for understanding conflict and disagreement: While it’s easy for all to see their expressions, the underlying causes are often hidden. Barry demonstrated why conflict is a key ingredient to good decision-making, but that when internal conflict is left to fester it can cause disintegration. He suggested practical ways for the non-confrontational leadership style, the Integrator, to engage in constructive confrontation.

One of the captivating moments in the session was when Barry told his personal story of how his Christian faith and the leadership principles he teaches have impacted his long and illustrious career, from a high school teacher to a political chief-of-staff. Those in attendance were clearly intrigued:

This was a learning experience demonstrating how much more is needed to be effective in moving from success to significance.

This was an awesome session. I learned the importance of communicating with others in their preferred style.

Thank you for a fascinating presentation. It was interesting to learn how understanding and accepting people’s leadership styles is key in interacting effectively with them.

Thank you for another informative, relevant and useful session.

“Very informative session from a professional and personal perspective.

Diplomats who participated in the January seminars

Diplomats who could not attend this seminar may request the material in pdf and video format. Our next Leading the Leaders Seminar will be offered on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.
Barry Bowater
Barry Bowater

Barry Bowater works in Canada and the United States to teach Adizes and guide clients to transform their organizations through these leadership principles. His specialty is not-for-profit organizations and small to mid-sized companies. Barry also utilizes Adizes in his responsibilities with the Government of Canada.

Barry was first introduced to Adizes in 1989 when he was chosen to deploy the methodology within his own organization. He and his wife Wendy founded the Christian Embassy of Canada. He also served as Chief of Staff for the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources from 1991 to 1993.

He and Wendy have four children and ten grandchildren and reside in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.