May 2, 2019, 7h30 to 9h30

2019 National Prayer Breakfast

The annual National Prayer Breakfast of Canada is a Christ-centred event held by the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast Group in our nation’s capital. The purpose of this event is to come together collectively to honour and continue to hold to our Christian heritage. This allows our elected officials to gather together with men and women from different backgrounds to pray and connect through our shared faith.

Vince Vitale, this year’s keynote speaker, begins his presentation at the 44:38 mark.

Mr. Vince Vitale

International speaker

Vince Vitale is an international speaker. It was during his undergraduate studies in philosophy at Princeton that Vince took an unexpected journey from skeptic to evangelist. He has commended the Christian faith on the campuses of many universities, including UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, Oxford, and Cambridge. This past year he had the privilege of speaking at Google Headquarters and Passion City Church. Vince is incredibly grateful to be married to Jo, who works with him.